Black Metal – Short Film – Indiegogo Campaign

Kat Candler (director) and Kelly  G. Williams (producer), part of the team behind Sundance short film HELLION, named one of  INDIEWIRE’s “five hottest shorts of summer,” are embarking on a new project and need your help. The filmmaking team are looking to start production on Black Metal and are looking for donations on Indiegogo.
Black Metal – Pitch:

Black Metal – Singing Lesson:


When a teen murders his math teacher and it’s linked to a black metal band, the mid 30s lead singer will have to re-evaluate the two things he loves most, his music and his family. Black Metal, a dark drama short film that follows Ian, a husband, father and musician struggling with the guilt and blame of a tragic and senseless murder.


Jonny Mars (Hellion, Wuss, The Happy Poet), Heather Kafka (Saturday Morning Massacre, Lovers of Hate, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Michael Conway, Addisyn Stevenson and the symphonic extreme metal band, Vesperian Sorrow.


Writer/Director/Producer – Kat Candler (Hellion, Love Bug, Jumping Off Bridges), Producer – Kelly  G. Williams (Hellion, Cinema Six, Holiday Road), Producer – Jonny Mars (Saturday Morning Massacre, America’s Parking Lot, The Happy Poet), Director of Photography – Andrew Droz Palermo (A Teacher, You’re Next, The Gathering Squall), Editor – Duane Graves (Up Syndrome, The Wildman of the Navidad), Art Director – Yvonne Boudreaux (ParaNorman, Puncture), Costume Designer – Amy Maner (Beneath the Darkness, Seven Days in Utopia, Stop-Loss), Casting Director – Katie Richter (Hellion, Pit Stop)


“I fuckin’ love that short!”

– Mike Judge

“An exhilarating shot of kick ass!”

– Mike Tully,

“Bad kids, sad kids, angry dads and plenty of Candler’s trademark comic yet earnest heart make for a memorably fractious collision of brotherly responsibility and shared adolescent rage.”

– Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle

“Super intense and laugh out loud funny.”


I started writing a feature over a year ago that explored the idea of a death metal guitarist dealing with the guilt of a teen murdering his teacher in the name of their band. I was curious about the idea of artist’s guilt. How what we put out into the world comes back through audience interpretation and reaction. And how we internailze that reaction.

I’m equally fascinated by the theatrics of a band on stage versus their reality off stage– especially in older musicians in the metal scene who have families and kids. How do they want to be represented as they get older? Do they keep that world from their children? What kind of conversations do they have with their kids about what they do?


The character design of Black Metal is based on popular metal bands– Marduk, Gorgoroth and Watain. These are corpse painted, decayed looking, fake blood smeared guys in spikes and leather. These bands create often horrific personas on stage, in their lyrics and through their album artwork.

With that said, we want to implement the idea of theatrics versus reality through cinematography and sound. For everything outside of this family’s home, we’ll use an artificial quality of light, white/blue grocery store fluorescence, red and purple stage lights … but inside the family’s home, everything is warm, organic, dark and real. There’s nothing artificial about it.

The camerawork will create a quiet, calm before the storm– slow camera moves through the crime scene, along the rock club stage– Not until Ian loses it and goes off on the grocery store customer does the camera reflect his loss of control and frenetic energy. For the rest of the film, mimicking Ian’s restrained emotions and willingness to keep everything inside it’s slow moving, well constructed still images.


Black Metal is a film we haven’t seen on screen before. We haven’t seen these characters in such real, raw emotional states. They’re a music scene that most people write off as weird or Satanic, where in fact a lot of these guys go home to their wives and kids.

Having spent the last half of the year traveling the festival circuit with our short film Hellion which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, we’ll send Black Metal to many of the festivals we’ve recently played including SXSW, Los Angeles Film Festival, IFF Boston, Maryland Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival. Because our audience goes beyond the general festival audience, we’ll target genre festivals such as Fantastic Fest, Sitges and many more.

Our publicity efforts will hit several music and horror blogs. And specifically bloggers that we know who write for Metal Sucks, Bloody Disgusting, Huffington Post, Ain’t It Cool News, Culture Map and Twitch.

Once we’ve run our course with the festival circuit, we’ll work on a distribution deal.



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