Posthuman – Feature Film – Indiegogo Campaign

Director Kyle William Roberts and producer Nicholas Tankersley are looking to start production on a new project titled Posthuman and are looking for donations on Indiegogo.

Posthuman – Pitch:

What Is Posthuman?:

Thank you very much for considering donating to the ‘Posthuman‘ project! ‘Posthuman‘ is a “new media SAG” production which means we will be posting the film online in 8-12 minute sections. This is not the full amount of the film budget but a very important part of it! The amout raised will go towards special effects, actor fees, and creating the soundtrack which of course is a big part of any teen movie! Please take your time and consider our heroic incentives, and help be apart of a new evolution in filmmaking!

Why Make This Film?:

Some of my favorite films are John Hughes 80’s teen movies, and I feel like most teen films today don’t really get down to that teen angst that they once did.

With the heart of a John Hughes film and the energy of X-Men, Posthuman is a feature-length independent superhero film which focuses on the roots of the teenage experience, capturing that careful mix of invulnerability and powerlessness that only youth can conjure.

I’m very passionate about putting the best of the best on this project. Posthuman is the next step in independent filmmaking, a truly timeless production; one that can resonate with any generation and inspire a new one!

Posthuman Prequel Comic Book Cover Sketch Art:

Drawn by Marvel Comics Artist Javier Saltares
Production Team:

Director: Kyle William Roberts

Writer: Matthew Price

Producer: Nicholas Tankersley

Assistant Director: Sean Patrick Eaton


Other Ways You Can Help:

Help us get the word out about this link and our facebook page as well!



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