The Dark Knight Rises. . . And So Do A Lot Of Questions

Here is a pretty funny sketch parodying The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Enjoy.



Extremely Dark Knight:

When it comes to interrogations, nobody is darker (or more thorough) than Batman.



Directed by:
Tony Yacenda.


Sean Carrigan
Dan Perrault as Batman
Suzanne Quast as Misty


Written by:
Dan Perrault
Tony Yacenda


Executive Producers:
Suzanne Quast
Sean Carrigan


Produced by:
Tony Yacenda
Dan Perrault


Associate Producers:
Chas Galloway
Bud Galloway
DeForrest Taylor


Cinematography by:
Jess Dunlap

Edited by:
Tony Yacenda

Score by:
Darien Shulman

“Crashing Down” by Brian Vannucci and Robert Brentley

Sound Recordist:
Pete Olivio

Sound Design by:
Roni Pillischer

ReRecord Mixer:
Ric Schnupp


Alvin Octoman
Mike Riccitell
Mark Rosen

Stunt Coordinator:
Antal Kallik

Bryan Morton as Batman Body Double

Production Assistant:
Andrew Yarchin

Shot entirely at Icon LA Ultra Lounge.




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