Camera Warfare – Short Film

Camera Warfare:

Imagine a terrifying world where taking a photograph of someone would steal their soul, killing them. That’s how Devin Supertramp re-imagined a World War II battle scene in his latest Camera Warfare video.

Instead of carrying machine guns and RPG’s, soldiers ‘shoot’ with cameras and camcorders. Special effects master FreddieW makes a guest appearance in the unique caricature of war.


Directed by: Devin Graham
WWII Historian / Coordinator/Armorer/Costume/Weapons: Ray Meldrum
Produced by: Jacob Schwarz, Katie Crapo, Ray Meldrum, Adam Abel, Ryan Little, Devin Graham
Visual effects and Color Correction: Jacob Schwarz
Makeup: Ben Brooksby
Music: Stephen Anderson
Cinematographers: Devin Graham, Ryan Little, Jace Leroy, Chris McClain, Jacob Schwarz
Edited and Sound Design: Devin Graham
Behind the Scenes Video: Jared & Amanda Cook
Cast/Jeeps/Tanks/Weapons/Costumes: Randy Beard
Cast/Motorcycle and side car/ Jeep: Loic Anthion
Cast/Jeeps: Greg Brubaker
Behind the Scenes photographer: Scott Jarvie

For the rest of the cast and crew at




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