“Clerks Too” – “Clerks” Remake – Trailer

Trailer: Clerks Too (Full Remake):

What up, my people? How’s it going?

If you were keeping track, you’d notice that Robot Saves City, this loose collective of a comedy label, has existed for almost three years now. In that time, we’ve proudly released two albums and a mixtape, uploaded a handful of random videos and promoted/produced a ton of shows/showcases in every venue that would let us.

Of all the shows big or small that we’ve thrown our support at or stamped “Robot Saves City Presents” on top of, I’ve always been most excited for April 1st shows.

April 1st, 2010 was Robot Saves City’s first show, a weird over-the-top showcase called “After the Apocalypse.” It was a comedy show set entirely after a fictional Apocalypse (which turned into multiple fictional Apocalypses because none of the comics involved coordinated on what the world would be like after the Apocalypse). It was a mess. It was awkward for the performers. It was probably also awkward for the full bar of people that were expecting a more traditional comedy show. In the end though, it was so much fun
that all the parties involved didn’t care.

Every year since then, I’ve tried to come up with more ideas in that vein: to come up with an idea that so obviously an April Fool’s joke, that nobody would actually do, that a lot of people might not even get and then drag my friends into doing it once a year. I wanted to come up with ideas that could at any moment potentially devolve into spectacular train wrecks. Then I could sit back and watch to see things crumble, or let out a sigh of relief when they didn’t.

That’s what “Clerks Too” was to me. The original idea was to release a trailer for Robot Saves City’s first movie in December 2011, then start an elaborate hype train leading up to the movie’s release on April 1st only to have an unexplained shot-for-shot remake of “Clerks” be online in its stead. This idea is silly. I know. But this how all this started back in October of 2011.

It may have started out as a really inaccessible meta joke, but it’s very real now. And it’s been so taxing making this movie on donated time with no budget to speak of, and we’ve missed so many deadlines trying to pull this off, and everybody involved has been working so hard to get it done that I’ve decided to release the trailer now. Not as a joke, but as a very real thing. To show you guys what we’ve been working on.

Here it is: the first look at “Clerks Too.” The most elaborate swede ever attempted (maybe not, but I’m gonna call it that.)

Thanks to all the actors who jumped onboard with this idea, especially early on when it was so farfetched. Thanks to all the comics supporting this project on their days off (Go check them out at an OKC Comedy show, or a Loony Bin show, or at a Robot Saves City show or at an open mic.). Thanks to the all bands that contributed songs for the soundtrack. In case you were wondering, that’s Depth and Current playing Stabbing Westward’s “Violent Mood Swings.” And that’s an unnamed friend of mine performing the Elliott Smith-style “Chewbaca” under the pseudonym Grandpa Seth.

Thanks to all the field audio guys that sweated with us on those hot days, that I couldn’t quite pay enough or buy enough pizza for but were friends of mine so they showed up anyway.

Thanks Kevin Smith. You don’t know me, but I’ve been a giant fan of this movie since I was a kid, inappropriately watching this movie when my grand parents weren’t looking. I hope you aren’t too mad at this. I hope you actually think this is funny. Cheers.

I just wanna say before I bounce, the past five years of performing stand-up, playing in bands, and doing things like this has been incredible, especially doing it in such a low-key place like Oklahoma. A big thanks goes out to everyone who’s come to a show, bought a record, or said what’s up.

Basically, everybody who contributed to this…. You’re amazing. We still got a lot to do, but everybody, this gratitude has been a long time coming, and expect some more in the future.

Okay, so the whole movie will be on youtube in the future. The tentative release date for it, is late October. If we miss that deadline, December. If we miss that deadline… April 2013.

And I wanna take the time to plug all stuff I want to work on after this,… but I’m kind of exhausted right now. Probably as exhausted as you are now having read this ramble-y letter. I Love you guys.


James Nghiem

Check Out RobotSavesCityAComedyLabel.BandCamp.com




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