A battalion of toy soldiers traverse the dangerous landscape of a garden vegetable patch… I’ve beaten my view count for my redbull video! Thank you so much, you made it happen 🙂 Chris.
Original concept and story was devised by Georgia Oakley of and was also the reason why it was shown on Channel4, so a lot of credit must go to her too. The guys at irresistible films have made countless award winning videos and specialise in making aesthetically pleasing and technically advanced work. Check out their site and you wont be disappointed. are the company that hired me for this animation. It was amazing to work with them and never really felt like work. Check out their site if you have a commission like this one 🙂
If you enjoyed Plot-oon, check out the ‘making of-‘ on 3angrymen’s Channel 
I want to say a massive thank you to everyone that’s watched and liked and commented on the video. Its completely insane and I am so happy. Thank you thank you thank you,


Created by:

Chris Butcher 



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