Marmaduke Explained

Marmaduke Explained is, by far, my most favorite web comic on the internetz. It’s dry. It’s sarcastic. It’s absurd. It’s unassumingly brilliant. It’s nothing less than a physical manifestation of my inner soul on the internet.
Here’s the latest strip: 

Joe Mathlete’s Explanation: Okay.

Is the joke here that Marmaduke saw a bug and he’s chasing it, and that’s funny because the dog is doing a thing that dogs do? Because historically that’s more than enough high hilarity to carry a Marmaduke strip.

Or does it have to do with the fact that Marmaduke appears to be flying? You know, because “housefly,” and “fly,” and… oh man look what they did there, with language! Which is all well and good, except it doesn’t make a lick of sense if you think about it for more than two seconds. Except this is Marmaduke, so, whatever.

I know I should at least pretend to have a definitive explanation for this shit – it’s my job and all – but seriously, if they’re not going to try why should I? I guess once I’d thought about this for three seconds, I’d already lost.


Click here for more Marmaduke Explained genius.


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