Marmaduke Explained

Marmaduke Explained is, by far, my most favorite web comic on the internetz. It’s dry. It’s sarcastic. It’s absurd. It’s unassumingly brilliant. It’s nothing less than a physical manifestation of my inner soul on the internet.
Here’s the latest strip: 

Joe Mathlete’s Explanation: Marmaduke is fetching a great many newspapers for his owner-man, who would realistically only want the one newspaper he is already reading. According to Marmaduke’s owner-lady, Marmaduke’s behavior is directly related to his destruction of the previous day’s newspaper. Marmaduke’s owner-man, accustomed to his enormous dog’s mood swings, sits quietly and endures Marmaduke’s overcompensation, patiently allowing his lap to be weighed down with an absurd overabundance of newspapers presumably snatched one-by-one from his neighbors’ lawns and/or terrified grasps.

Click here for more Marmaduke Explained genius.


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