MadAtoms – Radio Silence

Check out this new short from MadAtoms  that shows you just how bad it can get when you DVR a sporting event and then try to avoid spoiling yourself with any game updates. Directed by Mark Pottsthe short stars myselfLindsey NewellMichael LugenbuehlPaul StuartMary Black, and Benjamin Crutcher.


Radio Silence – MadAtoms:

Two rabid basketball fans are faced with the difficulty of recording a playoff game and having to avoid hearing the final score before getting home.


Cast & Crew:
Rob – Brand Rackley
Lana – Lindsey Newell
Pastor Chad – Michael Lugenbuehl
Sam – Paul Stuart
Courtney – Mary Black
Radio Announcer – Benjamin Crutcher 

Written and Directed by – Mark Potts
Produced by – Anthony Deptula
Audio – Benjamin Crutcher
Grip – Winston Carter
Production Assistant – Jo Light
Music by – Kevin Macleod

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