Marmaduke Explained

Marmaduke Explained is, by far, my most favorite web comic on the internetz. It’s dry. It’s sarcastic. It’s absurd. It’s unassumingly brilliant. It’s nothing less than a physical manifestation of my inner soul on the internet.
Here’s the latest strip: 

Joe Mathlete’s Explanation: Marmaduke, a large dog who thinks he is people, is preparing to sexually assault a woman with a clipboard. Marmaduke’s owner-lady, apparently mistaking the clipboard lady for a US census worker despite the fact the census was taken years ago, informs the woman that Marmaduke believes his birth in the United States qualifies him as an American citizen.

Word on the street has it that today’s Marmaduke comic was originally submitted to the New Yorker, where it was rejected for being too realistic, coherent and politically on-the-nose.

Click here for more Marmaduke Explained genius.


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