Short Film Saturdays: Les MiseraBaristas

Every Saturday from now till I die or get bored, I’ll be featuring a short film for your viewing pleasure. This Saturday we take a look at the Les Misérables short film parody, Les MiseraBaristas. Having once worked in a Barnes and Noble and befriended several fine folks who worked in the coffee shop there I can most definitely empathize with the plight of baristas. Coincidentally, a lot of the Barnes and Noble baristas I became friends with during my short stint in the bookselling business made and are in this short film. It is nothing less than abso-fucking-lutely impressive and I gladly would’ve traded my 158 minutes of watching Les Miserables for 158 minutes of this movie. Enjoy!

Les MiseraBaristas:

Three wistful baristas sing about their lives in the coffee shop, their lyrics set to the music of Les Misérables.

Starring: Maximilian Reid, Sara St. Pierre, Joe Telich, Ashley Lam, Hayley Melaine Brown, Katie Curley
Directed By: Kara Morgan
Written By: Maximilian Reid, Ashely Lam & Hayley Melaine Brown

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.01.21 AM


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