Marmaduke Explained

Marmaduke Explained is, by far, my most favorite web comic on the internetz. It’s dry. It’s sarcastic. It’s absurd. It’s unassumingly brilliant. It’s nothing less than a physical manifestation of my inner soul on the internet.
Here’s the latest strip: 

Joe Mathlete’s Explanation: Marmaduke is exhausted after spending all day dealing with a legal system that not only should not apply to him in the first place, but chooses to ignore his abundant and well-documented felonies (ranging from aggravated theft to improper disposal of human remains to murder in the first degree) in favor of dealing with the paperwork generated when police officers issue nearly four hundred tickets for the same minor offense to a big dog who just wants to go smell and maybe eat and/or hump that thing over there.

Click here for more Marmaduke Explained genius.


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