How Alfred Hitchcock Hid Edits In ROPE

Celebrated for its’ edit-free, real time shots Rope is one in a long list of classics from Alfred Hitchcock. However, in this awesome video from Vashi Nedomansky the film’s 10 hidden edits are presented. Take a look to find out how Hitchcock hid the edits and kept the action fluid onscreen. Enjoy!


How Alfred Hitchcock hid 10 Edits in ROPE:

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 2.27.19 PM

ROPE (1948) is Alfred Hitchcock’s murder/suspense film that showcases the killing in its second shot. ROPE is often described as the film with no edits or cuts.
On further examination…Hitchcock’s gem actually contains 10 edits. Five of them are hidden as the camera lens is filled by foreground objects. The other five edits are regular hard cuts that not many people either realize or acknowledge. I’ve isolated all 10 edits in the video below so you can learn from the Master of Suspense on how to hide your edits without losing momentum in your story.



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