Marmaduke Explained

Marmaduke Explained is, by far, my most favorite web comic on the internetz. It’s dry. It’s sarcastic. It’s absurd. It’s unassumingly brilliant. It’s nothing less than a physical manifestation of my inner soul on the internet.
Here’s the latest strip: 

Joe Mathlete’s Explanation: Marmaduke is being chastised by his owner-man for aggressively jumping into his neighbor’s pool (not pictured) in the middle of the night. Whether it’s the particular style of dive Marmaduke chooses, the time of day, the trespassing or a combination of all these factors that upsets Marmaduke’s owner-man is not clear, but the manner in which he strangles his dog across the backyard clearly indicates long-simmering frustration.

Click here for more Marmaduke Explained genius.


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