The Gangster Party Line

Are you constantly sitting on your couch all alone at night desperately needing to talk to a gangster? Well make those lonely gangsterless nights a thing of the past! Call LA-based comedian Brent Weinbach‘s hilarious Gangster Party Line. Enjoy!

Gangster Party Line:

Written and Directed By: Brent Weinbach
Produced By: Brent Weinbach and Adam Schary
Cinematography and Editing By: Trevor Ames
Lead Creative Consultant: Adam Schary

Bedroom Gangster – Leland White
Fighting Gangster – William Guirola
Couch Gangster – Michael King
Couch Gangster – Danyasius Leslie
Tall Gangster – Terrance Wentz
Buff Gangster – Omar Deckard
Dark Gangster – Byron Bowers
Asian Gangster – Victor Nguyen
White Gangster – Tony Fox
Deaf Gangster – Greg Edwards
Italian Mafia Guy – Tommy Otis
Skinhead – Paul Major
Mystery Gangster – ?
Dog Gangster – Pierre
Jewish Gangster – Deandre Turner

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