DP/30: The Wolf of Wall Street – Editor Thelma Schoonmaker

I know what you’re thinking, “The Wolf of Wall Street had an editor?” And while I admire and share your sarcasm, as I am the writer and editor of an entertainment blog, I’m obliged to inform you that yes, it did have an editor, and that editor, aside from Martin Scorsese, is Thelma Schoonmaker. In this fascinating DP/30 interview with David Poland she takes us behind the scenes of what it was like to cut the monstrous film. Enjoy!


DP/30: Thelma Schoonmaker cut The Wolf of Wall Street:

She is the editing room Ginger Rogers to director Martin Scorsese’s Fred Astaire. The Wolf of Wall Street is her 17th feature with Scorsese in a 47-year working relationship, during which time she has taken home 3 Oscars. She talks to David Poland about cutting Wolf, cutting down Wolf, and the process she and Scorsese have for taking down most of their films from 1st cut to release cut.



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