Favorite Quotes

“Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends.” – Tom Waits

“They’re like fast food hamburgers. They sell a lot of them. The movie business is very successful and you hope that the success of those hamburgers will finance more original dishes. But more often than not, I’m afraid it just finances more hamburgers.” – Warren Beatty

“There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth. And no on is lying. Memories shared serve each differently.” – Robert Evans

“There is nothing more personal than getting hitched. There’s nothing less personal than getting hitched before hundreds of people, each one thinking it’s not going to work anyway.” – Robert Evans

“The bigger your head is, the easier your shoes are to fill.”

“You’re only a success for the moment that you complete a successful act.”

“Experiments will be left to a small avant garde, way out on the left, very solemn and romantic, and the bubblegum business in general will regard this avant garde with benevolence, will steal its best ideas and talents, but will otherwise ignore it.”—Nik Cohn, “The Monkees,” Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom: The Golden Age Of Rock

“If there were a little more silence, if we all kept quiet…maybe we could understand something.” – Federico Fellini

“I just wanted to act, to have a chance to play a character, to say good-by to the swashbuckler roles, to get the swords and horses to hell out of my life. I itched to turn in a prize-winning job—but they held to making money: box office! box office! box office! The ruin of creative personalities.” – Errol Flynn

“Some people like Toby Keith, and some people like music.”- Zach Galifianakis

“No man is really changed by success. What happens is that success works on the man’s personality like a truth drug, bringing him out of the closet and revealing… what was always inside his head.” – Albert Goldman

“It is of no consequence to you what others think of you. What matters is what you think of them. That is how you live your life.” – Gore Vidal

“I will not be a common man because it is my right to be an uncommon man. I will stir the smooth sands of monotony.” – Peter O’Toole

“To some men, I seem to be what they would secretly like to be or are afraid of being. To some women, I am that fantasy figure, that object of desire and/or fear. But none of it is me.” – Warren Beatty

“Fools give you reasons, wise men never try.”

“I think what a lot of action movies lose these days, especially the ones that deal with fantasy, is you stop caring at some point because you’ve lost human scale. With the CGI, suddenly there’s a thousand enemies instead of six – the army goes off into the horizon. You don’t need that. The audience loses its relationship with the threat on the screen. That’s something that’s consistently happening and it makes these movies like video games and that’s a soulless enterprise. It’s all kinetics without emotion. I don’t have time for that.” – Harrison Ford

“There’s a formula here, you can’t muck around with it. There’s a lot of rules, you’re restrained in many ways as an artist. But then you’re also grateful because of the huge exposure and the paycheck, or the not-paycheck ‘cause they’re making you a stahhh. Whatever it is, you’re paying an entrance to getting higher exposure. These movies are huge vehicles to make a lot of money… and make a large audience happy. So now you’re at the very top level of trying to bring character work in a boutique way to something that is, y’know, Starbucks.” – Tom Hardy

“I think I make connections with people, but I don’t make alliances. I don’t have the time or the ambition to stay in a lot of relationships.” – Harrison Ford

“As a friend once said, the collar around my neck is blue. I know what it is to work and work hard. Acting is a job, a responsibility, a complex task – all those things. I approach all work from a workman’s point of view. I expect to get my hands dirty, get into a sweat and work overtime.” – Harrison Ford

“When I look back, I basically always knew what a schmuck I was. How lucky I was. How lame I was. Well, it’s not that any of that has changed. I just don’t give a shit anymore.” – Harrison Ford

“The reason why we have two ears and only one mouth is that we may listen the more and talk the less. ” – Zeno of Citium

“That’s the difference between the working classes and the middle classes. The middle classes experiment with drugs, the working classes get stuck with them.” – Noel Gallagher

“Well, whatever you do, if they try to come at you with their knives just nod and smile constantly at them.” – Alejandro Jodorowsky

“I find it very difficult to make movies. I don’t know how anyone ever does it. I think it’s so difficult to make a good movie and almost as difficult to make a bad movie. So, you might as well go ahead and try to make a good movie.” – Warren Beatty

“You know, what a producer does is one of the great mysteries in life, so anyone can be one…” – Timothy Olyphant

“Making a movie is like being on a small plane. You can’t get off mid-flight. There are ways, but they’re not attractive.” – Warren Beatty

“A lot of people say something like about Phil that he’s good in everything, in every movie, no matter what the movie is like, he’s always good. I don’t think people realize how much an actor has to fight in order to create enough space for themselves in order to do that kind of work. And that can be perceived as difficult. But it’s the reason why they’re able to be so effective every time because they know the conditions that they need to work in in order to be at their best. As an actor, there’s a struggle between how much…you know, you’ve heard things about Val Kilmer, for instance, who is one of the best actors around, but then I heard that he was difficult. Now, as I work more, I realize that difficult is just a word that people with money give you, a label that they give you, to tell other people with money that you won’t just do what you’re told.” – Ryan Gosling

“The movie business is a money trench where pimps and thieves run free and good men die like dogs. Also, there’s a negative side.” – Hunter S. Thompson

“If they ever come up with a swashbuckling school, I think one of the courses should be laughing, then jumping off of something.” Jack Handey

“The straight man has to be smarter and funnier than the people he’s trying to raise past the level of, just kind of you know, gorilla mask and slipping on banana peels humor.” – Robert Downey Jr.

“You’re going to affect somebody, somewhere. Maybe they’re going to find your movie in the back of a closet, and it’s just going to blow their mind. That’s the kind of thing that drives me.” – Todd Rohal

“Work hard, do the best you can, don’t ever lose faith in yourself and take no notice of what other people say about you.” – Noel Coward

“If you believe the good reviews you have to believe the bad ones.” – Michael Fassbender

“They start off to make a good movie, or they usually start off to make a great movie. They settle for a good movie around the first day of shooting and then there just glad to finish it by the time they’re finished.” – Paddy Chayefsky

“Making movies is either a uptopia or it’s like shoveling shit uphill.” – Sean Connery

“I am more greatly moved by people who struggle to express themselves. Maybe it’s a middle-class British hang-up, but I prefer the abstract concept of incoherence in the face of great feeling to beautiful, full sentences that convey little emotion.” – Daniel Day-Lewis

“You go to these great lengths to imagine another world and time and imagine a man, like Plainview, living in those times – and having spent your imagination on that, it seems more fun to live there all the time than jumping in and out. That is the playground you’ve created, so why not stay there and play? It gets rid of that notion of playing between times, which often people talk about – waiting for the next shot. I don’t buy that. Whatever you can do to give yourself a sense of continuity can only add to the work.” – Daniel Day-Lewis

“If you give your ear to fools, they’ll chew it off.” – Nate Jackson

“You need to go with your first instincts. I’ve often questioned myself in wanting to try and learn something and try and an experiment doing a new kind of movie, and generally it’s not worked out. I start to say, ‘Okay, you can’t single-handedly fix a movie.’ It’s a collaborative effort and if you get a feeling it’s not there, it’s probably never going to be there.” – Christian Bale

“Money can’t buy you happiness or poverty.” – Bob Kane

“Whatever you do, do it completely. Don’t do it half-arsed. Do it more than anybody else would.” – Christian Bale

“So much in life, for me, is about having a sense of purpose and, when someone pulls that belief from under you, it can be just horrible. The problem comes when the mental rot sets in and you start thinking, “Well, maybe I shouldn’t give that sort of commitment to a part again.” Then you end up unhappy and mediocre.” – Christian Bale

“I learned a lesson then about movies like The Terminator and Batman. Most people assume that if you’re risking that amount of money, you don’t begin until you’re completely ready. In fact, that’s what they do only with the lower-budget movies.” – Christian Bale

“I was often afraid, but I never ran.” Melvin Purvis

“Art is something to be proud of. Art is no compromise. As an actor, you’re giving it up, you’re at the mercy of so many other people. So are you truly reaching the lofty goals? No, of course you’re not. And there are some movies where that was never the aim anyway.” – Christian Bale

“Here I am in a cardigan sweater, sittin’ here in Newport, Rhode Island. Livin’ la vida loca.” – Bill Murray

“To me, good marketing is a good movie.” – Bill Murray

“I just felt that I and audiences around the world were getting used to those tricks. They were fresh ten years ago, they’re not fresh anymore. It looks artificial. When you go to see a big blockbluster these days, you might as well be watching Toy Story. Well, Toy Story’s great, but it’s animation. I wanted to see something real. Batman is the most real superhero, he is the guy who has no superpowers, he’s just a rich guy who does a lot of push-ups.” – Christopher Nolan

“The question of 3-D is a very straightforward one,” Nolan said in a recent interview. “I never meet anybody who actually likes the format, and it’s always a source of great concern to me when you’re charging a higher price for something that nobody seems to really say they have any great love for. It’s up to the audience to tell us how they want to watch the movies. More people go see these films in 2-D, and so it’s difficult data to interpret. And I certainly don’t want to shoot in a format just to charge people a higher ticket price.” – Christopher Nolan

“Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings.” – William Shakespeare’s Richard II

“Money’s only something you need in case you don’t die tomorrow.” – Carl Fox, Wall Street

“Everyone always said I was quiet to the point of being handsome.” – Dan, Jane Got A Gun

“Sometimes it tries to kid me
That it’s just a teddy bear
Or even somehow managed to vanish in the air
And that is when I must beware
Of the beast in me. . .” – The Beast In Me by Nick Lowe

“When you have success, just taste it and spit it out, because it’s really poisonous.”

“Sorrow is Knowledge: they who know the most
Must mourn the deepest o’er the fatal truth,
The Tree of Knowledge is not that of Life.”
– Lord Byron, Manfred


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