Musicians@Google: Reggie Watts

Musician, comedian and co-star of IFC‘s badassly hilarious show, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Reggie Watts is a brilliant raconteur. In this show from the Musicians@Google series Watts redefines comedy, music and beatboxing, as he does with all of his performances. Enjoy!


Musicians@Google: Reggie Watts:

Hand-picked by Conan O’Brian as the opening act for his nationwide comedy tour, Reggie is a tour de force of cutting edge entertainment. He is part musician, part comedian, part tech geek, and 100% unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard before.

A master at beat-box and looping, he is probably best known for his music, however his unique style blends familiar elements with novel sounds and allows Reggie to explore unknown territory. His comedy, on the other hand, is a bit harder to explain… let’s just say he’s a comedian’s comedian… trust me, you’re gonna love ’em.





Harrison Ford = Badass: Ron Burgundy Mustache

Harrison Ford‘s badassdom has been well-documented on this site, but this photographic evidence of him with a Ron Burgundy-esque mustache might take the cake. Enjoy!

Harrison Ford Rocked His Own Ron Burgundy-Style Mustache:



Harrison Ford = Badass: Supercut: Harrison Ford Angrily Points At Stuff

I’m sure you’d all agree that Mondays are pretty fucking miserable. However, I’m willing to wager that if you watch this supercut of Harrison Ford pointing angrily at stuff, it will make your first workday of the week one of the best days of your week. Enjoy!

“Harrison Ford Angrily Points At Stuff” Supercut:



Breaking Bad – Conan O’Brien Interviews Cast & Creator

AMC also just posted this panel in front of the Academy of Arts and Sciences. It’s unclear when exactly this event took place, but it’s worth definitely worth watching now.

Conan O’Brien Interviews the Breaking Bad Cast and Creator:

Bryan Cranston, Vince Gilligan and many others joined a panel to talk Breaking Bad in front of an Academy of Arts and Sciences audience before the series final episodes premiere this summer.

Conan O’Brien – Bill Burr Doesn’t Believe The Steve Jobs Hype

This week on Conan, actor/comedian Bill Burr makes legitimate argument against the world’s worship of Steve Jobs. Enjoy.


Bill Burr Doesn’t Believe The Steve Jobs Hype:



Inside The Actor’s Studio – Conan O’Brien

On this episode of Inside The Actor’s Studio, Conan O’Brien discusses his career with host James Lipton.


Inside The Actor’s Studio – Conan O’Brien: