War Horse 2: Official Teaser Trailer

Ever imagine what a teaser trailer for a sequel to War Horse would be like? No? WELL I DID! Here it is… Enjoy?


War Horse 2 – Official Teaser Trailer (War Horse Parody):

Written by: Brand Rackley

Edited by: Jo Light




Elf On The Shelf Gets Revenge

This Christmas, don’t make the same mistake my good friend and fellow actor, Caitlyn Larimore, did with her Elf On The Shelf. Enjoy!


Elf On The Shelf Gets Revenge:

My silly Elf on The Shelf couldn’t have those pesky dinosaurs upstaging his shenanigans!

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Film History Archeologist: The Mysteries of The “Overlook Hotel”

Allow me to introduce all you fine ladies and gentlemen to my new comedic short documentary series, Brand Rackley: Film History Archeologist. In this episode I explore Yosemite‘s Ahwahnee Hotel, the interior of which was the inspiration for the design of the Overlook Hotel from Stanley Kubrick‘s classic film, The Shining. Enjoy!


Film History Archeologist : The Mysteries of The “Overlook Hotel”:

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 3.47.01 PM

Learn More About Yosemite’s Ahwahnee Hotel

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 3.45.57 PM

Film History Archeologist: The Lost City Of Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments

Allow me to introduce all you fine ladies and gentlemen to my new comedic short documentary series, Brand Rackley: Film History Archeologist. In this first episode I explore the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, the site of Cecil B. DeMille’s 1923 production of The Ten Commandments.


Brand Rackley: Film History ArcheologistThe Lost City Of Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments:

Learn more about the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes & The Lost City of The Ten Commandments!



Speakeasy – Bob Odenkirk Talks Breaking Bad & Mr. Show Reunion

Actor and comedian Bob Odenkirk stops by Speakeasy to talk Mr. Show, Breaking Bad and his career in entertainment with Paul F. Tompkins. Enjoy.

Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk is a Jack of All Trades (Speakeasy):

Bob talks his book of screenplays, Saul Goodman, and a Mr. Show reunion.



Breaking Bad – Comic-Con Trailer: Breaking Bad Countdown Mashup

Jonesin’ for some Breaking Bad and can’t wait till Aug. 11th? Have no fear boy and girls because I have your Walt fix right here. Check out the one who knocks in this mashup trailer of all the Breaking Bad seasons that premiered at the Breaking Bad panel at Comic Con this past weekend. Enjoy!

Comic-Con Trailer: Breaking Bad Countdown Mashup:

Relive all the action from Breaking Bad before the series’ final episodes begin on Sun., Aug. 11 at 9pm.



Brand Rackley Presents A Singletree Production: Ninja Valentine

Here is my directorial debut, Ninja Valentine. This is the first in what I plan to be a three part short film series that I wrote, directed and acted in. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Mark Potts, Lindsey Newell, Winston Carter and Ben Crutcher on this project. Without their amazing help and talented participation, this film wouldn’t have been possible. Enjoy and have a very happy Valentine’s Day.
Ninja Valentine:

A young couple enjoys a Valentine’s Day picnic, when they are interrupted by some very unlikely admirers.

Written & Directed By:
Brand Rackley

Director of Cinematography:
Mark Potts

Lindsey Newell
Brand Rackley
Winston Carter
Ben Crutcher

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