DP/30: Birdman – Michael Keaton

The man, the myth, the legend, THE Michael Keaton sits down with David Poland to discuss his role as Riggan Thompson in Alejandro Iñárritu‘s new film, Birdman, out this Friday in select cities. Enjoy!


DP/30: Birdman, Michael Keaton:



BBC’s Monitor: Orson Welles & Peter O’Toole Discuss Hamlet

Huw Wheldon interviews Orson Welles, Peter O’Toole and Ernest Milton in this epic discussion of Hamlet on the BBC show Monitor from 1963. At the time, Laurence Olivier was directing O’Toole in Hamlet at the National Theatre. Enjoy!


Orson Welles and Peter O’Toole on Hamlet:


(character): Season 2 – Teaser Trailer

If you liked the first season of (character) check out the teaser trailer for the second season of this awesome web series.  (character) Season 2 stars Paul Stuart, Eric James, Laura Spencer, Mary BlackBrand Rackley, Wes Aderhold, Matthew Minor and Mark Potts.

This Season on (character)…..:

Will Kyle master his fears? Will Hollis realize what’s right in front of her? Will Dani change her name? Will Kirby have what it takes to direct the show of a lifetime? Who’s that new guy? Answers to all these questions and MORE in Season 2 of (CHARACTER)!



DP/30 – Anna Karenina: Director Joe Wright & Actors Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Aaron Johnson

In September, DP/30 sat down with director Joe Wright and actors Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Aaron Johnson at the Toronto International Film Festival to discuss their latest film, Anna Karenina, which hits theaters this Friday. Enjoy.


DP/30Anna Karenina, director Joe Wright, actors Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Aaron Johnson:



Inside The Actor’s Studio – Alec Baldwin

Inside The Actor’s Studio – Tom Hanks

In these episodes of Inside The Actor’s StudioTom Hanks discusses his life and acting career with James Lipton. Enjoy.


Inside The Actor’s Studio – Tom Hanks:




(Character) – Episode 6 – Tech Check

Here is the sixth episode of (Character), a new web series from Black Acre Productions. (Character) follows the story of A rag tag bunch of lovable randos stage the financial romance, 1-1= None: Accounting on Her Return on Theatre Row in Hollywood.


(Character) #6 – Tech Week:

Grant is gone to Miami, Dani is missing, and the show now has no lead. Kirby, Kyle, Hollis, and Doug start pulling together the necessary pieces to make sure that the show can still go on.


Story By:

Mary Black
Paul Stuart
Eric J. Krueger

Directed By:

Mark Potts

Written By:

Mary Black
Paul Stuart
Eric J. Krueger


Paul Stuart
Eric J. Krueger
Mary Black
Laura Spencer
Michael Lugenbuehl
Brand Rackley
Jack Seal
Artie Ahr
Wes Aderhold

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